wfpk chats with pearl jam’s stone gossard

During an interview with WFPK, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard talked about his appreciation for the value of public radio (listen here): 

You look at the impact of KEXP and what they’re able to accomplish using a methodology that is absolutely against every big commercial radio station’s strategy over the last ten years, which is consolidation and controlled playlists, and you know, Payola and sort of collusion basically. You look at KEXP, and you see, like, a band, you see a group of people collaborating together and trusting each other and growing their style, each individual DJ having a unique take and unique style, and people really responding to that and really supporting it, because it’s valuable.

Hear Kyle Meredith’s full interview with the artist, including some special call-outs to KCMU, KEXP and KUOW, at